Sesha Farms Palmarosa cultivation India- Good returns viable projects Next coming years

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Good News farmers, Investor, NRI, Land holder, Agri start ups –

Aromatic crop cultivation is catching up in last decads, The demand of essential oil export from india is increasing at the pace of 15% per annum, Palmrosa grass is a native crop to

india, it is only cultivated in few states of india. As the crop have the scent smell of rose it is used as proxy for rose aroma in different industry, Industry have seen a slow down in recent past, But rising demand and low acreage will gear up the price for another 2 to 3 years, This is the right time to plan the cultivation for the next year.

quality seeds please contact us Sesha Farms Palmarosa cultivation India-

Shesha Farms now provide project consultancy for palmarosa farming in and around tamilnadu, We have deep knowledge and years of experience in cultivating palmarosa grass at different soil condition and agro climate, We will walk through the entire process from nursery to harvest stage and facilitate a setting up of the different capacity of distillation unit according to the investment , we will provide quality seeds and also buy back the essential oil. Interested farmers , Agri start ups, Land holders can contact us.

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