Uses of Natural palmarosa Essential oil in Handmade soap by our customer

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Our customer is making Hand made soaps for high end market who prefers the chemical free soaps for bathing.,

Benefits of Palmarosa Oil in natural Handmade soaps

It is well-known for its hydrating properties,

it got the therapeutic properties of antibacterial and anti-fungal ,

it will Skin is the largest organ of the body, Keeping it healthy is utmost priority. Using chemical soaps will cause damage to the skin pours and make them dryness, maintaining the skin moisture will help make the healthy skin. This handmade chemical free soaps will help the skin. Great news the Hand made soaps frangrance will stay long for more than six hours,

We tried few sample soaps from this company all are amazing locked with natural properties , The price fo the soap ranges from 400 to 450 rs... it expensive but real worth to have a luxurious bathing every day.

Sesha Farms Palmarosa oil manufacturer proud be a trusted supplier for this customer. Hand made soap makers can get Natural palmarosa essential oil , Lemongrass oil, lemon citrionella oil from us, Shop here

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